Music Supervisor (“Moving Day”)

Season 1

Four New York babysitters navigate dysfunctional parents, inquisitive kids, and their own apathy in this comedy web series.

Season One is on Vimeo - go binge!


Eric Folks

Alex Gould

Marie Claire Roussel

Mariette Strauss


I was approached by director Dolan Bloom to edit the pilot for this series in late 2015/early 2016. With the pilot, the production team in New York raised funds to shoot a 6-episode season, which I was again asked to edit.

I also graded the pilot and all six episodes, as well as working as an additional music supervisor for one episode (“Moving Day”).

Directed by Dolan Bloom

Produced by Dolan Bloom and Eric Folks

Starring Eric Folks, Alex Gould, Marie Claire Roussel, and Mariette Strauss

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