Tasha and Tiffany are best friends on the run.  They meet a mysterious young guy in a diner who asks them to deliver a package, and the mission leads them to Detroit, a house, and a series of unanswered questions.  It’s a thriller about chasing a feeling, losing your identity, and finding a new past to call your own.

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Kristi Chesney

Kryssy Becker


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Produced and Directed by Meredith Dobbs • Written by David Brooke and Meredith Dobbs • Starring Kristi Chesney, Kryssy Becker, Michael Lopetrone • Cinematography by Ian Gulland • Edited by Meredith Dobbs • Music by Logan Hein


About this film

Associate producer Michael Lopetrone and I teamed up to create this short film after reading an early draft of the screenplay by David Brooke.  We were struck by the eerie tone that jumped off the page and wanted to see it come to life.  Production wrapped in Detroit September 2015, and I then carried Echoes through post-production and beyond to what it is today. 


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Discussing the script with associate producer and actor Michael Lopetrone (Nicholas, Tim).


Lead actors Kristi Chesney (Tasha) and Kryssy Becker (Tiffany).


Director of Photography Ian Gulland lines up the shot.


Production designer Katy Sullivan applies makeup before the camera rolls.