AndiandILikeYou is a narrative video blog about Andi, a 20-year old young woman who has never had a boyfriend... and decides to conquer her anxiety about it by saying yes to any date and vlogging about it afterwards.  

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Hi! I'm Andi and I Like You. Ha. I thought that was a (sort of) clever name, but someone already had andilikeyou. So I put my name in the title twice.

Project Details

AndiandILikeYou ("Andi and I Like You") is a senior independent study project I did in my final semester of my film degree.  The project was based on a blog, Alice in Datingland, that was inspired by true events.  I adapted the blog into a video series, and I wrote, produced, and edited all episodes, as well as acted the role of the title character, Andi.  

The project was an experiment in narrative film/video and the new media format. I kept records of audience engagement for analysis at the end of the series, and the major findings showed less to do with the content of the videos and more with my engagement with the vlogging community.  It was incredibly enlightening, challenging, and motivating for subsequent work. 

The webseries ran weekly in Spring 2013.